About E-space

E-Space was founded in the year of 2016 and started operating with two public EV chargers. After several years, we have created EV chargers’ network throughout whole Georgia. In august of 2020, we have launched a new application where EV car owners can find and receive charging services. As a result of chargers in our network, 610 tons of carbon dioxide have not been distributed in cities. In 2021, a new app business module was introduced, which helps private companies/individuals to add their chargers in the “E-Space” app and generate their income.



Mission of the company

Our mission is to simplify access to electric car chargers by developing infrastructure and software applications for the network

We offer

Charging network throughout Georgia

Business module, with the possibility of generating an income

Any kind of service in terms of chargers

Products of the world's leading brands ABB, KEBA, UNU

ABB Certified Personnel Services


The first public chargers in Georgia


The first fast charger in Georgia


Application for users


KEBA official representative in Georgia


ABB Fast Charger Service License


New application for users


For the first time in Georgia, an application for business, with the possibility of generating an income

90 -till


150 -till

Installed chargers

80 -till

Public chargers

610 -Tons

Carbon dioxide that has not spread