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Eco-friendly scooter from Germany!

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Charger Installation

Charger Installation

site inspection and purchase of materials, preparation of wiring, preparation of installation site, charger installation



identification of requirements and consultation, site selection, wiring design and determination of capacities, an inspection of existing infrastructure, consultation regarding various chargers



inspection of existing wiring, periodic inspection of the charger, periodic inspection of communications network, commissioning of the fast charger (ABB certified)

Post-installation services

Post-installation services

charger testing, adjustment of internet communication, activation in charger management program, online monitoring, saving transactions and logs

For users

Use level-2 and fast chargers operating in our network throughout Georgia.

Business module

Create your own charging network using e-space app and earn income from your charging stations.


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About Us

E-Space was incorporated in 2016 and was the first company to install public chargers in Georgia. Today, E-Space has more than 150 chargers installed throughout Georgia, including 78 which are free of charge and for public use. There are 7 fast chargers located on the highway, which facilitates long journeys. The company is especially proud of the fact that since the existence of E-Space to date, as a result of chargers in our network, 490 tons of carbon dioxide has not been distributed in cities.

Our aim is to create and develop appropriate infrastructure for electric vehicles in Georgia, which will be an important step to improve the ecological situation of our country.

610 -Tons

Carbon dioxide that has not spread

150 -till

Installed chargers

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