1)Instruction for downloading an app

πŸ“² Download the E-Space app

1.1. Search and download from the relevant store of your smartphone with the name “E-space”

1.2. or Scan the QR code below


1.3 or use the following link: IOS: https://bit.ly/2Tj6XvE Android: https://bit.ly/2CrBHFn



Complete registration and verification with your mobile number. To use the application, it is necessary to add the Bank card information. For card validation, you will be charged withΒ  0,2 GEL, but it will be refunded back to your card immediately.

3)How to use LVL 2 charger

3.1 Connect the charger cable to the charger and the electric vehicle. The charger device connector standard is Type 2 (see picture 1).

Picture 1

3.2 The charger can be activated with two methods: by clicking on the desired charger’s pin on the map or by entering the 4 (four) digit code indicated on the charger.

3.3 To start the charging process, you need to choose one of two options: “until fully charged” or “specify the amount”

  • When choosing “fully charged”, your card will be charged with 10 GEL. If you spend 10 GEL and the charging process continues, your card will be charged with an additional 5 GEL. Even if you spend the above-mentioned 5 GEL, the process will continue until the car is fully charged or you finish the charging session from the application.
  • When choosing “Indicate the amount”, the amount you indicate will be charged from your bank account and the charging process will stop as soon as the indicated amount is spent.
  • In case of both methods, the unspent amount will be refunded to the same card within 3 (three) business days.


3.4 With the mobile application you can monitor the progress of the charging session.

3.5 In order to complete the charging process, press the “Finish charging” button that appears on the screen of your mobile phone or unplug the cable from the car.


4)How to use a fast charger

Fast Charger can be used exactly like LVL2 charger. The fast charger comes with two connectors Chademo and CCS2. Before activating the charger:

  • Connect the appropriate connector to your vehicle
  • In the application, select the same connector from the drop-down list on the charger page
  • For activation follow the instructions given in section 3.3